Making an Application

The Trustees meet very regularly and applicants will usually hear if their applications have been successful within a maximum of six weeks.

In assessing the application the Trust tries to make the process as simple as possible. Please note there is no official application form.

When applying you should provide as much detail as will help the Trustees evaluate the worthiness of your project and where possible you should include:

  • Brief details of the aims of your organisation and how you are managed
  • Your registered charity number where applicable or a registered charity which will accept the grant on your behalf.
  • Outline of the project, its aims and intended outcomes where appropriate.
  • Whom the project will help – how many people are involved and how they will benefit.
  • How much you need and how you are planning to raise any remainder required.
  • Any other funder to whom you have applied for a grant.
  • Details of funding raised or committed to date and steps taken to raise any balance needed.
  • Your most recent accounts if available.
  • Any other information which you think will assist the Trustees.
On receipt of your application it may be that the Secretary will wish to contact you to arrange a visit or to ask for further information.

Additional Information

The grant may only be used for the purpose for which the application was made as approved by the Trustees.  It is not transferable to any other body or for any other purpose without the express permission in writing from the Secretary.  In the happy event of your application being oversubscribed please let us know. If for whatever reason the project changes you should contact the Trust as soon as possible.

While the Trustees do not wish to receive a formal report on the outcome of the project – unless you are preparing one as a matter of course – we do like to receive a brief report or photographs as to how the grant has been spent and how it has helped the project.

It is very helpful to include an addressed envelope.