Ist October 2020

We receive many applications from organisations which don’t fit the criteria outlined in the Guide to Applicants, mainly because they are not in the area in which we operate. Although there is no hard and fast rule priority is give to those which are based in East of the City of Newcastle, Cramlington, Ashington, Blyth, South East Northumbertland and North Tyneside. In addition we will occasionally consider small organisations in Rural Northumberland which are recommended by Northumberland CVA. We will not support national organisations unless the project for which they are applying is locally based and run. The Trust is a family trust with resources of approximately £150k per annum and last year we supported over 150 organisations. The average grant was just under £1000 ranging between £250 to £3000 with the largest being £5000. If in any doubt please email before applying and we will get back to you very quickly.

We don’t have any set dates for Trustees meetings – as mentioned this is a family trust and we are in constant contact and can aim to respond within two to four weeks.

Please note that our current year ends on March 31st and we hope to make many more grants before then. There is no guarantee of success but we are a very friendly trust and the very worst we can do is say sorry we can’t help this time. We try and make it easy for you to make an application as we know how difficult it sometimes is for smaller organisations to raise much needed funds without having to jump through lots of hoops!

It is always helpful to enclose an addressed envelope – no stamp required as we are happy to provide one. It does however save me time and is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to receiving appropriate applications in the very near future

John Hamilton

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We recognise the extremely difficult time you are all having as a result of Covid19 with many of you operating in a very limited way. This is just a reminder that we are still receiving applications and although our cash resources are much reduced we will be as accommodating as we can. It’s always worth a try. PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW EMAIL :

Keep safe and well.