Applicant Guide

The Trust has a preference for supporting organisations in the North Tyneside, South East Northumberland and in the East Newcastle areas.  In certain circumstances we may assist those operating in the wider Tyne, Wear, Durham and Northumberland areas if we consider that they offer exceptional added value to their communities or are particularly innovative. Support to national organisations will only be given where there is a specific project in the area in which we operate.

The Trust will give priority to projects and groups which:

Operate in the area shown above

  • Are locally run and led
  • Help people with the greatest need
  • Involve disadvantaged and minority groups
  • Improve the quality of life in their community
  • Are in the public interest
Where a group or organisation is not registered or is exempt it should provide details of one which is prepared to accept and administer the grant on their behalf.

The Trust will not support:

  • Large well established national charities
  • Individuals
  • Church buildings except where they are used for community groups
  • Projects which can attract public funds except where there is a particular part of the project which other sources would be unlikely to fund
  • Deficits already incurred or to replace statutory funding
If you are in any doubt as to whether your application fits our criteria you should contact us by telephone or email outlining your project.

The Trust reserves the right to refuse any appeal without giving reasons and may also amend their grant guidelines at any time.

Guide to making an Application